Geopietra has always been committed to researching materials that safeguard the environment and provide a stimulus for modern design, and has created Terrakotta, the brick-effect wall covering that gives a modern twist to traditional materials and techniques for today's applications and tastes.

The innovative aspect of the Terrakotta brick-effect wall covering consists of the cut in the front of the brick to create edges and corners a few centimetres thick, and this model can be applied to any surface. Once grouted, the effect is indistinguishable from traditional wall solutions and solid brick. The natural Terrakotta bricks maintain the charm and characteristics of traditional brick. Concrete mixes passed down through generations are optimised in terms of cohesion and strength, modelled in moulds and cooked in ovens at 800°C-1200°C. They undergo ageing processes and surface alterations, depending on the model, and may have mortar residues, glazes and oxidisation, giving them a touch of style and expressiveness.

The manufactured Terrakotta brick-effect model realistically produces the colours and textures of natural terracotta, adding rustic charm to reclaimed bricks. It encompasses top technical quality and exceptional resistance to freezing. Thanks to its characteristics it enhances the performance of its insulation features and makes the external cladding highly strong and robust.



When renovating the loft, the architects from Studio Piccitto wanted to create the aged effect of the industrial walls. The TORRE brick-effect wall covering creates the right contrast with other materials in the project, such as the polished cement flooring, the cast iron staircase and the iron beams supporting the mezzanine and creating minimalist furnishings in the lounge, and the crystal glass in double-height windows and the spectacularly displayed bedroom, finishing off a stunning showcase. The surfaces of the bricks were also slightly glazed during the work with mortar, to intensify their vintage charm marked by time. The TORRE brick creates a warm atmosphere and enhances the essentiality of the design in this charming mini-loft.

"Geopietra products are ideal for blending traditional and modern, and creating special sophisticated settings", stated the architect Valeria Piccitto. “When designing, we are often looking for materials that create a cosy, 'lived-in' feeling and we chose the murogeopietra Terrakotta for its texture and appealing colour palette."


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