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Terrakotta murogeopietra is a cladding brick, which enhances traditional techniques and materials, for current applications and tastes. The Terrakotta brick, in its reconstructed or terracotta version, is now experiencing a comeback. Thanks to its material nature and old-style charm, it plays a starring role in the architectural projects of large cities and in the warm atmosphere of villas and farmhouses. The natural shades of red, pink, brown and yellow create a stunning visual impact.

Terrakotta bricks are subjected to ageing processes and surface alterations, and have, depending on the case, residues of mortar, patina and oxidation or burnt corners, in order to obtain special characteristics and recreate different atmospheres and styles. A well-executed grouting technique is just as important as the choice of the brick itself: both in terms of colour shades and processing method, the grout has a significant effect on the beauty and credibility of Terrakotta's brick walls.


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