Sanadome Wellness Hotel in the Netherlands has been recently renovated. Sanadome is a futuristic building, located in a wooded environment in Nijmegen and an impressive example of modern architecture.

Designed in 1995 by architect Jo Scheffer from AGSarchitects, the building has a slight reminiscence  of the Van Nelle factory, a fine example of 1931 Rotterdam constructivist architecture. “A minimal building style in which the relationship between inside and outside is laid with a great deal of transparency,” Scheffer explained “Sanadome refers to the innovative architectural style of the thirties: clear, open and fresh. With references to the Bauhaus, architecture that was and still is progressive“.

Sanadome consists of five different section:
1) a spa: a large indoor pool containing thermal water from the private springs.
2) Sanasport Health Club: a climate controlled sports hall.
3) Well food: four restaurants, each with their own environmentally-friendly setting and products.
4) Sanashop: a store with a well assorted range of products.
5) Scandic Sanadome: a four-star spa & wellness hotel, accommodating 85 deluxe and 11 superior hotel rooms.
Here relaxation and well-being are key elements.

Paul Timmermans, who in the Spring of 2019 signed to the renovation of the hotel master plan, contributed to the design as architect Scheffer’s young assistant. “Two curved circles with their backs against each other give Sanadome its characteristic shape”, explains architect Timmermans “The power of the original idea is that you can adapt the design to the current time “. “In the original design, the colour scheme was ‘restrained’”, he says, “many calm white hues dominated the colour image. That was the norm for such buildings at the time. Now, the restyling with new, wooden ceilings and beautiful stone walls and old Canadian wooden inserts, brings in more warmth and atmosphere in the spa.”

Murogeopietra® CASCATA earth brown colours and shapes enhance the water element and show up in the original design based on the relationship between inside and outside. The look is luxurious, the decoration is of a high standard with great attention to detail  and the new lighting system harmoniously complete the setting.   


The architect’s words are taken from the interview on


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Photo By: Hans Gorter


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