The origins of the mill in Obergurgl date back to 1627, but it was the emergency landing by Prof. Auguste Piccard in the Gurgler valley that made Obergurgl famous throughout the world.

We're in a real natural paradise at an altitude of 1900 metres, where the new Mühle Resort 1900 sits amid sporting activity and relaxation, exploration and pure romanticism, surprises and expectations. The Muhle Resort is definitely for active holidaymakers, but also has something to offer those in search of peace and tranquillity. Magdalena and Emanuel Gstrein-Nösig inherited the family business, and are delighted with the result of an ambitious renovation. Their establishment fully meets the requirements and expectations of modern tourism for grown-ups, with cycling, walking, the mountains, spa waters, snow - and good wine!

The S2Architektur designers and the builders also rose to the challenge and worked hard to complete it within the agreed timescales. The design is the work of the architect Rainer Schöpf, and consists of a classic timber and stone pairing with special nuance, textures and combinations that make the large hotel complex unusual and modern. The architect chose murogeopietra for refined grey hues that enhance the golden shades of the wood, creating perfect balance between the two design components, one of which is gentle and docile and the other daring. Geopietra wall has been used on the exterior of the first floor base. The grey shade rich with the light and dark contrasts of the Cascata model create a strong, solid body that supports the large overhanging terraces of the new light-coloured timber structure. Inside too, the stone is the Geopietra Blumone model, with elongated, jagged shapes creating vibrant and vivacious walls. The Tyrolean tradition has been redefined here as dynamic, young and modern. The architect has sought a balanced, serene arrangement with the creative use of rough/smooth, soft/rigid and warm/cold contrasts.



The hallway, bar, wine bar, restaurant and spa lounge have been updated in the current design. Natural, quality materials, playing with light and architectural features have created the perfect informal and charming atmosphere. The new ambiance can be felt on all floors, in all areas of the hotel, in the contemporary rooms and suites in a romantic alpine style, and the creative kitchen, which is an integral part of the relaxing holiday setting at Muhle. Comfortable rooms, such as the spacious SPA lounge with an open fire, invite guests to relax, and specific areas such as the characteristic cellar are available for private dinners.

In this article: Geopietra wall Cascata model and Blumone model.



Photo by Stephanie Maria Lohmann -

Auguste Piccard at the Gurgler

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