A lodge befitting of its name has been created in the Wilder Kaiser region of Scheffau among the Kitzbühel Alps - Kaiserlodge. This residence has a completely free and flexible philosophy for a revolutionary luxury holiday. A place to delight all of your senses.

Special moments to share and enjoy. An extra luxurious lodge where you can feel at home.

Marco Holzer from Planwerker Holzerber implemented this innovative idea and project close to the heart of Barbara Winkler, the managing director of Kaiserlodge. Their extraordinary and harmonious partnership enabled this important project to be completed in just two years, from the point at which it was discussed and put on paper through to it opening on 14 October 2017. The idea behind this unique project was to redesign the concept of a hotel in the mountains from its base construction with a responsible building approach. The use of regional products and the search for partners mindful of sustainability, top quality and teamwork were the focal points that determined the success of the project.

Despite its imposing volume, the new construction appeals because of its naturalistic vibe and reserved atmosphere, which brings the natural environment indoors. In architectural terms the traditional Tyrolean construction fits in with the mountainous backdrop. The landscape was fully incorporated into the planning and the materials were chosen carefully to ensure total immersion in nature. Murogeopietra surrounds the complex and blends with the splendour of the landscape. The Camuna model, with its shades and reflections that seem to have been taken directly from the nearby mountains, decorates the beautiful façades of the residence in stone. Among the many surprises awaiting guests is a lake measuring 1,300 m² for swimming, sunbathing and diving. Murogeopietra also offers a fine spectacle in the wellbeing facilities constructed on the roof, with indoor and outdoor pools, sauna and relaxation area with breathtaking views. The ample space, modern fittings and grain of the wood create a natural fresh design at Kaiserlodge.



The facilities include a suite with private jetty, apartments with garden, penthouses and double rooms with natural furnishings, incredible cuisine, a wide range of exclusive services, children's area with qualified assistants and toys made of wood only, a lounge area for teenagers with private cinema, outdoor playground, library, wellbeing facilities and spa, cookery/breadmaking/herbal workshops with local partners. and much more testifying to the originality of the project.


In this article : murogeopietra mod. CAMUNA e mod. TURANO


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