PROGRAM September 30th 2022

from 8.30 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Guided tour of our 58 masonries
with the possibility of having customised masonry composed
for projects in execution

Breakfast with us

08.30 a.m.  
Showroom opening

10 a.m.
Jointed installation of a masonry

A sparkling aperitif

12 a.m.
Buffet with local products

1 p.m.
Types of grouting

2 p.m.
Dry installation of a masonry

Coffee break together

4 p.m.
Grandma's sweets

6 p.m.
Open Day closing




For this event, Geopietra® launched the sustainable project "Rebuild the human-nature bond", creating a forest of 200 trees in Africa and South America in collaboration with Treedom

During the Open Day you can choose your favourite tree, give it a name and let your plant grow in Geopietra® forest.

Together we will reduce 40.50 t of CO2, generating long-term environmental, social and economic benefits for the communities involved.

Geopietra® and Treedom® are two companies with a common mission: to recreate what nature has been offering for millions of years.




The Open Day will take place in via Industriale, 71 - 25080 - Castrezzone di Muscoline (BS) - Italy

We are waiting for you!

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