Finishing the mortar GeoBi

The Terrakotta brick slips in the manufactured version realistically produce the colours and textures of natural terracotta, adding rustic charm to recovered bricks. Also designed and optimised for use with all models of Geopietra® manufactured stone, manufactured brick has exceptional technical qualities and freeze resistance characteristics.

As a result of its characteristics, Geopietra® manufactured brick enhances the efficiency of thermal insulation and makes an external thermal insulation structure more robust and resistant by adding significant benefits.

Very different and particular finishes can be created depending on the GeoBi manipulation technique and level of drying

GeoBI F/fine grain (0-3 mm) is recommended for retouching dry-stack installations and finishing the TERRAKOTTA brick slips.

GeoBI G/coarse grain (3-8 mm) is recommended for finishing all manufactured stone veneer profiles.

Some finish possibilities with GeoBi fine grain on brick slips.


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