In Val Sabbia valley, in the italian province of Brescia, there are many buildings that testify to the long and rich architectural history of this area.

This private house, built in a rural setting and surrounded by old barns, was built with the local building traditions as inspiration, however without renouncing modern living comfort. The model chosen for the interior and exterior wall cladding was created by mixing different Geopietra® profiles and it’s now called Ono Degno. It was used here because of its variegated shapes and its colour: these elements are strongly reminiscent of the stones of this territory and they were specially inserted to obtain total integration with the surrounding environment.

Even the external flooring is matched to the colours of the cladding, with a perfect and indiscernible combination. The door and window lintels, typical of old barns, were recreated on the interior plasterboard walls and on the exterior fibre-cement walls to imitate the old construction systems, but using modern techniques, including architectural details from the past, such as buttresses and recesses. The lintels were cut out in their aesthetic essentiality and were then laid on the wire mesh in order to avoid thermal bridges in the structure. GeoBi lightened mortar is present with slightly different colours and techniques to recreate the feeling of time gone, with changes, interventions and renovations.

The system for the installation of Murogeopietra® on thermal insulation, called Abitasistema, was the appropriate solution to meet the top priority of the customer, that required maximum summer and winter comfort with the lowest operating cost. An evocative and efficient dwelling that, even 12 years after its construction, still expresses the strong attention of the owner for details and his great aesthetic sensitivity, but without forgetting his love for local usage.

Geopietra chalet Ono Degno rivestimento pietra

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