End-of-wall protection with coping

Another critical point we have noted is coping at the end of walls, which must also be suitably prepared to ensure long-lasting protection.

The following points must be considered in particular:

1. Water can run horizontally along short sections under the outer edge of coping. A drip edge of suitable dimensions should be fitted to prevent water standing and seeping into the structure.

2. Roofing material (stone or agglomerates) expanding incompatibly with the structure, causing cracks on joints resulting in water penetration. Before installing the stone a
horizontal waterproof layer must be applied. For this purpose an asbestos cement panel can be glued to the top of the wall, protruding at least 4 cm from the murogeopietra and lying flush with any plasterwork, and waterproofed with paste or cement-based materials and fibreglass reinforcement, enabling subsequent application of adhesive and the coping.

In the photos
Sections detached due to water infiltrations at the top of the wall, generated by the lack of suitable waterproofing.


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