A dream chalet amid the breathtaking mountain landscape, where thoughts drift among vast spaces and magnificent views of nature. At the foot of the Dolomites, a world heritage site, the architect Dietmar Fäckl has created this magnificent chalet in keeping with the landscape.

We’re used to identifying Alto Adige by its landscape, natural and uncontaminated in the Dolomites. However architecture also styles locations, communicating with the setting and sometimes establishing a worthwhile relationship between the construction and its surroundings.Timber and stone have figured in constructions in these valleys for centuries. The inhabitants learned to build with the materials that nature provided, adapting the style to the environment. Even today, the ability of carpenters, metal workers and builders produces quality architecture. The ruggedness and splendour of the mountains meet the comfort of shelter and inspire the intelligence of humankind.

A modern lodge could, at first sight, look like an ancient shelter, with the materials and traditional architectural features all present - dry stone walls, fir and larch timber for beams, mouldings and façade coverings, large sloping roof with moderate inclination protecting balconies and loggias, the craftsmanship of the roof sheets, tiles and typical chimney stacks. The architect has carried out a transformation and, through local characteristics, the rules of aesthetics and craft techniques, has created a new, ecological, avant-garde structure, striking the perfect balance between two seemingly contrasting worlds. The Geopietra® manufactured stone veneer wall defines the structure’s supporting base, and blends perfectly with the landscape. The simple, extraordinary BADIA model with warm, changing hues has been fitted to the cladding using the guaranteed ABITASISTEMA® system, creating a high-performance and aesthetically-pleasing wall that safeguards the environment and ensures indoor comfort. The residence literally speaks to the mountains with spontaneity and privilege. The stunning panorama opens up from the front façade, and the extreme beauty of the Catinaccio mountains is enveloping from the north-east.



Chalet luxury pietra ricostruita secco

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