The private residence is located in the area of the Orsiera Rocciavrè Park in Piedmont, at the foot of the mountains leading to the Sestriere. Apart from the walls of the reinforced concrete cellar, the entire building was constructed in a short time, thanks to the choice of a dry construction system of mixed steel and wood.

The villa is set out crosswise to the slope on which it stands, facing mainly to the South-West. A long linear wing with only one floor is divided centrally by a two-storey block entirely covered with TOCE murogeopietra® on the external thermal insulation. The central block, which houses the living room on the same floor and a study on the attic floor, divides the living area from the sleeping area. The two-storey space, which is geometrically simple, but of great impact, reproduces the archetypal shape of a hut.

The architect Orazi has selected different colours of the stone model to obtain the desired shade. Its openly decorative value is strengthened by the corten steel elements of the perimeter frame and the decorative bands that visually realign the asymmetrical holes in the windows. The equipment, which includes a wide use of renewable resources, a controlled mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery and an external thermal insulation system, places the building in the highest performing energy class: A4.

Nell'articolo murogeopietra® mod. TOCE

Photo by Adriano Pecchio -

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