La Chiaracia Resort & Spa, where past and future come together.

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La Chiaracia Resort & Spa, where past and future come together.

La Chiaracia Resort & Spa sits on the Castel Giorgio (Orvieto) hills in the heart of lush, verdant Umbria, and is the first truly smart complex in Italy, a five-star jewel balancing tradition and modernity.

It is the centuries-old cherry tree standing over the district that has given the complex its name - chiaracia means cherry in Umbrian dialect. This is a location where high-tech blends with ancestral culture thanks to the dream of the owners, Eugenio Vinciguerra and Anna Ramazzotti, who have been partners for thirty years at the company Vrm Italia. A past rich with history and the comfort of modern technology meet in this special destination to create a unique experience. The architectural design of the complex embodies the essence of tradition in a contemporary vision. The charm and shape of old Umbrian farmhouses blend with the spirit of the location, welcoming guests warmly as soon as they arrive.

Full planning and works management was entrusted to the company Pazzaglia e Associati based in Rome, which has considerable experience in renovations, the structural and functional adaptation of buildings in old towns, the design of new buildings, residential and hotel complexes, interior architecture and furnishings.

The architect Pazzaglia has developed the structure using innovative materials with energy savings and environmental sustainability in mind. Set in 14 hectares of greenery, the various parts of the complex snake through the countryside. The earthy grey, Botticino model of murogeopietra was chosen to cover the cottages and, with cleverly alternating light-coloured plasterwork, it results in the creative use of volumes, solids and voids, light and shade, and straight lines and arches balanced and arranged naturally. The opus incertum technique used with the Botticino stone, and the joints filled with grey mortar emphasise the architectural detail on the façade, the stunning window frames, the arches, and the external staircase typical of old rural buildings, and evoke an easy, relaxed atmosphere.

The complex has been designed along the natural lay of the land, and has 26 rooms (3 suites) situated in three different blocks connected by an internal path to the cutting-edge meeting area, the peaceful oasis of the Livinna spa leading to the outdoor pool, the Etrusco bar and the RADICI restaurant. At Chiaracia customers have access to technologies that are often undetectable and never invasive. Such important measures are inevitably marking what is known as the 4.0 revolution, which is becoming increasingly widespread in various areas of society, and express the luxury and technological innovation at the Chiaracia complex and spa perfectly – which is now a true hub of excellence for gourmet cuisine, wellbeing, business and much more!

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Arch. Luca Pazzaglia

Pazzaglia Associati operates in the field of architecture, design and furnishings, and deals with the entire production process from the concept through to implementation. The company works with professionals with specific technical expertise, ensuring a coordinated and integrated approach to project requirements in the concept and implementation phases. Technical and design experience, reliability and efficiency have resulted in solid relationships with private and public organisations over the years.

Architect - Luca Pazzaglia
After graduating in architecture at Rome's La Sapienza University, a move to Berlin in 2013 led to a year of collaboration with Tammo Prinz Architects to prepare international competitions. In 2015 he joined the team at Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands in London, where he worked on designs for residences, shops, hotels and master plans. In the following two years in London he collaborated with FDArchitecture on a series of projects in the implementation and site phases, including the fitness club Third Space Islington and interior retail areas in Selfridges. He also works as a freelancer with the firm Faye Toogood, and has collaborated on prefabricated architecture and interior design projects at the Mulberry flagship store. In 2018 he started collaborating with Park Associati.

Pazzaglia Associati - Rome, Italy