Fucina 75

WFD = Flat 24 X 6,3 cm~
Corner 11 + 24 X 6,3 cm~
2,3 / 2,5 cm
In the photograph
Fucina 75
Laying with joint
Normal joint with GeoBi mortar
Coarse grain Colour GRIGIO

Each MODEL comes with FLAT and CORNER PIECES obtained from different moulds. Shade variations are inevitable due to variations in temperature and humidity and the manual production and ageing process used to make the Natural brick. It is advisable to purchase amounts required in one batch.

The importance of three-dimensionality

Authenticity around every corner
Corner pieces are essential

Corner pieces are often overlooked, but they are fundamental for making slim manufactured stone veneer cladding look authentic.

Models of Natural Terrakotta other
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