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"A space gives value to a thing. It sounds like an abstract statement, but the idea behind it is simple. When we design a house, we always do it in function of the people who will use it. By living, using or simply being, we give meaning to the materials the house is made of. This is how we see architecture: a means of adding value to life. Breaking conventions and pushing the boundaries of architecture. This is what BAAS stands for. And we all contribute to this, each with our own specialisation. Creating unique experiences is not for everyone. We break with conventional methods and challenge our customers and ourselves. When we talk about what a home should be, we ask ourselves questions. How do you like to come home? What is the value of outdoor space? What feeling do you want the space to evoke in you? The answers to these questions define the result, the only possible design that fits perfectly. The way we achieve this result is also unique. Architecture, interior design and engineering are inseparable. By mixing these elements, we push the boundaries of the possible. By combining extraordinary construction techniques and holistic design, we turn dreams into reality."

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