Arch. Martin Kleine Schaars


I’M Architecten
fighting against soulless architecture

Focusing on development, collaboration, freedom, enjoyment and the future. We work together on assignments with the same feeling of freedom we have in our Ten Hove warehouse office accommodation. Our open way of working reflects this freedom, based on mutual trust, engagement, support and encouragement.

Our experience has been widely developed in various areas, such as:
The concept of public service for local councils
 Interior design and flexible working
Town regeneration, including Living Over The Shop schemes
Combined buildings for various intended uses

In the planning stage this means interaction between spontaneous and analytical thought, with a volcano of ideas erupting, numerous calculations, and maximum agility. The pleasure of the job is central in each project, and the optimism we seek to convey. Our name is synonymous with cooperation, personal development and a mutually supportive relationship with our customers, local councils and builders. Projects are becoming increasingly complex, requiring time and a broader approach. By definition, demolitions and new constructions are no longer the only solution.

Residence Chalet Loolaan

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