A sustainable, modern and self-substaining home.

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A sustainable, modern and self-substaining home.

Only natural materials and sustainable systems were used to design this beautiful house by the architecture firm NBArchitecten of Best. The stunning building faces on to the surrounding neighbourhood, and brings a touch of originality to the traditional brick houses. The sharp, minimalist façade is enhanced by the original and unusual design of the stone.

The owners were considering the CASCATA and MONIGA models and chose the latter. These models differ in terms of stone outline and surface texture. The Moniga model has a smooth texture reminiscent of very old stone, and its natural features enhance the contemporary style of the house. The clients opted for the soft, sandy hues of Savana to match the other rendered walls, the timber characteristics, and the stunning black detail.

The house has been designed such that the interior and exterior blend perfectly. The stone façade covers the house from front to back and links both ground levels. The raised terrace ensures that the house rests on a base and makes it possible to differentiate between different parts of the garden. The splendid porch, which opens onto the garden, has stone brickwork forming a stunning fireplace.

Murogeopietra® is also a key design feature inside the house. All rooms look out onto a high-ceilinged hall, and the colours and natural materials blend and create a harmonious setting. With regard to the environment, energy savings, sustainable installations and a high level of comfort demonstrate how sustainability and beautiful architecture can go hand in hand.

In this article: murogeopietra® mod. Moniga SA.

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We know that our strength lies in the people who work with us. We are continually working on our professional expertise in all ways possible. Being an architect is much more than just constructing buildings - it's about making it possible.

Hans van Houtum
Anyone who doesn’t warm to the restlessness of Harold will probably find the ideal sparring partner in Hans. Armed with a sketch pad and brush, he realises other people's dreams. Cool-headed and with a healthy dose of tenacity, in the case of something important he knows when to keep hold of the bone and when to let it go. He wants to make a difference in work and life, and therefore describes architecture as a service designed to make people both happy and thrilled. "If something really needs to happen, it will."

Harold van de Ven
While Hans is all about the images, Harold is all about the words, with a cascade of words measuring 2.02 metres and unbridled enthusiasm. Born for the world of architecture, he was fairly lucky to have the design foundations as an inherent part of his character, and acquired expertise while building on them. He discovered that architecture concerns the doing and what people do with it. It requires listening, asking questions, provoking reflections, and discovering what clients really want.
"In practice, I also have to be a bit of a psychologist."