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Carattere orizzontale

Designed by Grosfeld van der Velde architects, renowned architects in Breda, this luxury villa has a special position on the edge of Vlindervallei in Oosterhout - a modern district styled on Dutch architecture reminiscent of the 1930s.

Its contrasting character drifts between discretion and openness, unconventionality and simplicity. In town planning terms, the villa responds kindly to the area with no hint of disapproval, creating a special connection between the district and Veekestraat running alongside. The Grosfeld van der Velde architects believe in the value that architecture brings to our life, and the important role played by quality constructions. The villa has been constructed in line with sustainability criteria.

The company used the guaranteed Abitasistema solution, which enables Geopietra coverings to be fitted to cladding, in partnership with Strikolith. The house is L-shaped to ensure the privacy of its inhabitants and provide a shield against the noise of traffic. The modern, minimalist structure features horizontal façades.

The lengthy stone of the TOCE model in a bespoke combination of shades emphasises the linear pattern of the design. The natural texture of the Geopietra wall is even more detailed and appealing with the use of grey, large-grain GeoBi grouting mortar for joints. The white plaster volumes emphasise the Geopietra wall with a delightful contrasting effect. A large window opens spectacularly onto the garden, while the stone continues into the kitchen and living room, cleverly connecting indoors and outdoors.

Pascal Grosfeld: "The Geopietra stone brings a beautiful, natural and contrasting look to the house"


Pascal Grosfeld, projectarchitect
Chi-Hang Chim, architect, project leader
Michel Kievits, photographer


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Arch. Pascal Grosfeld - Arch. Bart van der Velde

Pascal Grosfeld (left) - (1967) graduated with distinction from the University of Technology in Eindhoven and in 1994 gained a Master's in Architecture. During his studies he worked in the Wim van den Bergh branch in Maastricht. After graduating he worked at Bert Dirrix in Eindhoven for a couple of years. In 1996 he set up his own company, Grosfeld Architects.

Bart van der Velde (right) - (1965) graduated with distinction from the University of Technology in Eindhoven and in 1995 gained a Master's in Architecture. He started working as an architect at the Bert Dirrix branch based in Eindhoven. After a couple of years he went to London to work at Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates. In 2000 he set up Grosfeld van der Velde Architects with Pascal Grosfeld.

“We have expanded in recent years and our team consists of 16 architects, engineers and designers. Our main objective when planning a building is to seek out the essence of the project, and by doing so we develop simple yet powerful concepts that are formulated as coherently as possible.We strive to construct designs that express individual character, create a great spatial experience, and result in a carefully selected and detailed finish. As architects working with clients we feel a major responsibility with regard to creating environments where people live and work. We feel it is of the utmost importance to liaise closely with clients, and optimise the way in which buildings fit into a particular setting.”