Installation on facades of residential buildings, public buildings, accommodation facilities and skyscrapers

Murogeopietra® on EPS meets criteria for non-propagation of a flame front. Murogeopietra® procedure on EPS passed the LEPIR II test, allowing it to clad R+4 buildings up to 2,000 m altitude with joints technique.

CSTB - LEPIR 2 - Propagation of fire outside façades for buildings subject to specific regulations.
(residential buildings, public buildings, tower blocks)
FRANCE August 2018

The LEPIR II test involves setting fire to a façade fitted to a structure with two floors. The source that ignites and propagates the fire is on the ground floor and the progress of the fire is controlled through openings in the rear room wall. The temperature and radiant energy are measured. The ETAG 004 procedure is used to fit 20-cm EPS panels providing external insulation to the wall, which is made of perforated cement blocks 20 cm thick.  The Geopietra manufactured stone veneer is then installed using the guaranteed procedure. The window sills are made with Geocover flashing. A panel of rock wool 20 cm thick was inserted at the architrave and jambs of the right window, which was deliberately omitted from the left window to further stress the façade cladding. Two 3-cwt piles of wood were placed on the ground floor in front of the windows, which were open and constituted the flow path propagating the fire. 6 internal thermocouples measured flow path temperatures, and another 14 placed 10 cm from the surface of the wall and distributed vertically over the entire height of the wall, measured the ambient temperature of the façade.

Apart from being a legal requirement, optimising fire safety measures in buildings is important for protecting people and property.



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