Luxury and design in the dunes of Holland

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Luxury and design in the dunes of Holland

A luxury villa (with 5 en-suite bedrooms) designed by BNLA Architects of Amsterdam stands among the wooded dunes just behind the coast of Zeeland.

The well-positioned plot is bordered on three sides by trees in a beautiful forest, and an important design requirement was to incorporate the house with its surroundings to allow the family to enjoy the garden to the full.

Another requirement for the new villa was a 'modern house with character'. The clients were delighted with another project designed by BNLA involving a house in the dunes of Bergen aan Zee, especially the murogeopietra solutions. In the Zeeland villa a wall measuring 24 metres in length was designed and covered with Geopietra internally and externally. The BLUMONE model with its long linear shape and appealing arrangement was chosen to highlight the length of the wall. The stone features are also easily visible in the evening thanks to lighting on the paving.

The stone wall crosses the internal space, solidly connecting the living area with the porch and garden at the back with character and style. The façade bases were also constructed with murogeopietra in white plaster, providing protection from splashes of water and avoiding additional maintenance for the external white plaster. The natural materials and range of colours used for the house, the white plaster, anthracite frames, earth-grey stone and straw roof create a sense of balance. The mark of the BNLA architects is also visible in the mix between rustic and contemporary and the innovative light, understated architecture. The result is a unique and exclusive customised residence.

In the article the model Blumone / profile Ledge Stone has been presented.


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Arch. Eric Lemstra (BNLA architects)

Eric Lemstra (1977) graduated with honours in architecture from Delft University of Technology in 2004. That same year he opened the BNLA architectural firm with Arjen Bloem. Eric has a leading role at BNLA and oversees all activities relating to planning and building permits.

BNLA has a small strong and varied team of designers. The company is based in Amsterdam and deals with exclusive accommodation with character. During each design process BNLA strives to optimise the multidisciplinary role of the architect, by concentrating on new high-quality constructions and renovations and, last but not least, the client. The company places significant focus on client requirements during the design phase and is characterised by an approach that involves close liaison with clients at all stages. As a result standard solutions can be avoided, and the outcome is a surprisingly unique customised home.