Stone and Wood, the protagonists of a magnificent redevelopment.

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Stone and Wood, the protagonists of a magnificent redevelopment.

The architects at the FASE AA architectural firm in Milan have carried out a top-quality renovation at the edge of a forest filled with larch and fir trees in an authentic mountain location.

The residence that has been renovated and extended is a detached 1960s' villa situated in Val Ayas, Valle d’Aosta. Considering the building's position in a green landscape of particular natural beauty, the design choices aimed at making the property an integral part of the surrounding landscape. The mountains, forest and fields unmistakeably determine specific textures - wood and stone - two materials that are fundamental for covering indoor and outdoor settings, and represent an ideal bridge between the contemporary project and the building tradition of the mountains. By keeping the original structure, with the exception of some changes to outlines and the dimensions of openings, externally the design took shape by reclaiming the proportions of the past, the authenticity of the materials, the crafted solutions, the warmth of the wood, and the elegance of the stone through to the smallest finishing detail.

The murogeopietra covering gives the volume of the structure shape and identity. The designers were able to create a customised mix of stone to convey the random nature of alpine walls, choosing from dozens of models and shades, and an endless number of combinations. The expert installation and contrasting mortar application technique contribute to the excellent result.

Internal space has been changed and distributed completely differently from previously, with contemporary shapes and forms combined with the timeless charm of wood coverings, expertise and excellence by Valente Costruzioni. Typical architectural features, such as the wood shingle roofs and the long wooden balconies, complete the chalet and evoke immediate serenity. With cultured, expressive and mature communication, the architects have managed to combine technique and aesthetics, in an elaborate contemporary setting that preserves, transforms and improves the existing ensemble in line with the surroundings and natural environment.

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Photo by: Studio FASE AA

Arch. Paolo Sala and Arch. Anthony Francois Fekete - Studio FASE AA

FASE Architetti Associati
Research, experimentation and design have always set the architectural firm FASE Architetti Associati apart. The company was set up in Milan in 1999 by the architects Paolo Sala and Anthony François Fekete. The range of disciplines among the company's experts enable the creation of designs that are highly distinctive and innovative, according to area of expertise. The firm believes that design is the best tool for trying out new solutions that are in line with the identity and expectations of customers, be they private or public. Areas of application include the renovation of existing properties, new builds, designing private homes, residential complexes, showrooms and business premises.

The distinctive characteristic at FASE Architetti Associati is the architectural design method used, which prioritises team work and incorporates specific skills into a collaborative, professional approach that best comprehends the entire development of individual projects. Operations at the company have always stood apart as a result of the partners' commitment to research and their intellectual capability. Furthermore, their professional commitments are met while also being involved in cultural activities, through publications and conferences, and roles in teaching and education. These professional services include consultancy work in the field of design, especially in the furniture and lighting sectors.