The stones and various models are distinguished as follows on the basis of the installation procedure:

1. Stones and bricks installed with joints (GeoBi finish).

2. Stones installed without joints (dry-stack installation).

This characteristic is outlined in the catalogue and price-list corresponding to each model. However some models which have been designed for installation with joints can be drystacked and vice versa. To simplify the ordering procedure, materials with joints are packaged and sold with this space included, whereas the others are sold without spaces between the stones. Consequently it is sufficient to indicate the measurement of the areas to be covered (m2 ) * and the height of edges (lm)* without carrying out complex calculations to allow for waste. The joint dimensions calculated in the assembly are 1.5/2.5 cm for the stone, 0.8 cm for bricks with a height of 4 cm, 1 cm for bricks with a height of 5/5.5 cm and 1.5 cm for bricks with a height of 6/6.5/7 cm. If normally jointed models are to be installed using the dry-stacking technique, increase the amount of material by 10-20% when ordering.

As packaging is carried out manually and the product has irregular shapes and sizes, there may be slight differences in boxes amounting to +5%, therefore it is advisable to purchase a small percentage extra to allow for any waste on site.

* Each item has two types of feature: Flat and Corner pieces. Flat pieces are installed on vertical walls and ordered by the square metre. Corner pieces are installed on corners and are ordered by the linear metre. Installing corner pieces around openings for windows, doors and columns helps to give the impression of depth and three-dimensionality, accentuating the design of the finish.

N.B. quantities ordered should be rounded up to the box for Flat pieces and 0.5 lm portions for Corner pieces. As per price-list.

It is advisable to cover columns or partition wall arches that have sides which are at least 25 cm long, in order to give the element substance and create an authentic appearance. In the case of smaller dimensions, columns can be ‘enlarged’ using insulation polystyrene at a suitable thickness and with mesh fibreglass reinforcement.


RIGO consists of precision-cut ledge stones molded into panels measuring 11,4 cm x 61 cm, assembled into tightly stacked ledge pieces with varying surface heights and lengths. The panel stair-stepped edges create a tight fit, eliminating unsightly vertical joints. Beveled backsides keep mortar contained for a cleaner and tighter dry-stack installation. The special profiling on the sides of this model make it modular, which would require LISTELLO (STRIPS) in the case of walls between CORNERS. The Rigo’s LISTELLO connects flat panels in case a gap is too small to be fit with full panels.  

LISTELLO is used ONLY in uninterrupted rows of panels running between two Rigo corners (for ex. between windows, doors, etc.)


LISTELLO: Height  3,8 cm~ / Length 28 cm~


PIECES for BOX: 0,75 m2 = n° 72 pcs LISTELLO

An example of a calculation and its simple formula is shown

You can proceed as follows: Install CORNER PIECES first. Install FLAT PANELS along the row from both sides. Run full panels until a gap is too small to fit a full panel. Fill in the remaining gap with the Rigo LISTELLO pieces.

H Height (in cm) of wall between RIGO CORNERS / 11,4 Height (in cm) of the flat RIGO PANEL / 6 Max. number of LISTELLO RIGO pieces per row.