Irresistible appeal

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Irresistible appeal

After a lengthy search, Amelie and Dominik Posch found the perfect place for their vision of life together, in the heart of Zugspitzarena. In 2007 in Biberwier they created a resort with traditional chalets and luxury facilities in a friendly relaxed atmosphere.

Complete silence really can be enjoyed at LaPosch resort, no present day noises permeate this car-free resort where time seems to stand still. You can listen to the wood crackling in the fire, let the crystal clear water melt away stress, and marvel at the surrounding views of the mountains. Romantic, natural and unique, every design detail at the LaPosch resort mirrors the dream of this young couple in love, which has developed with them over the years, nurtured by their inspiration. 2017 saw a new feature arrive in the resort - a natural bathing lake measuring 1500 metres2 and fantastic new chalets overlooking the banks. Now, just like manna from heaven, the crystal clear water inviting you to connect with nature is hard to resist.

Simplicity, authenticity and harmony are the sentiments that drive the choices of the Posch family when building new chalets. The Posch family decided to combine the strong, steady character of the mountain with the gentleness of the timber structures. The oak chalets have private terraces on the water and are covered with dark Geopietra walls, which were implemented with grey GeoBi finishing mortar mixed with large grain aggregate to recreate the traditional walls of mountain regions.

Here you're a long way from the daily grind, you can recharge your batteries, and let yourself be inspired, enthralled and content.


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