From Russia to Tuscany murogeopietra keeps its promises

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From Russia to Tuscany murogeopietra keeps its promises

The architect worked in harmony with the landscape for his own house, immersed in a flourishing olive grove in Abruzzo, mixing the muted tones of the land and natural materials with sophisticated creations that recreate the glamour and aesthetics of the 1920s.

He has skilfully combined simplicity and ostentation, surprise and spontaneity, and on commenting about murogeopietra says that "As a matter of principle, I'm passionate about authentic materials and view artificial products with a healthy dose of suspicion. What's special about Geopietra however is that even though it's manufactured stone veneer it still looks and feels authentic! We tested murogeopietra in various parts of the world, from Moscow with below-zero temperatures in double figures in winter to sun-kissed Abruzzo in Italy, and saw how it delivers on the promises it makes. Not only is it exceptional to look at and touch, its technical properties are outstanding and installation is quick and easy.

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Arch. Davide Rizzo

The architect Davide Rizzo has Italian origins and works in Berlin. He is one of the most sought-after interior designers in Europe, and his international client portfolio requires him to travel all over the world on a regular basis. Each project is made-to measure and could never be described as standard, oozing the personal style, ambience and unique character of the client. He is constantly seeking the perfect complete space, where sharp lines combine with sophisticated materials, maintaining traditions while creating new looks. Rizzo and his team draw inspiration from the 1920s, when glamour and luxury were ubiquitous. Rizzo knows how to stay committed to his cause while taking an eclectic approach - his designs range from decorative lighting to bespoke furnishings and objects.