The company



Know-how and passion have characterized the company since its outset. Ten years of intense work to achieve innovation in thermal insulation and dry wall finish.


The setting up of ABITA, a company aiming to capitalise on technical knowledge and aesthetic quality for an innovative cladding material as an alternative to natural stone and which can solve problems relating to building, design and environmental impact.


Supported by the know-how and production experience it acquired in the United States, GEOPIETRA starts its adventure with an innovative, durable, eco-friendly product, which is known as the “world’s most believable manufactured stone veneer”. The range of models and colours, the fidelity and flexibility of use immediately make it a much-loved and sought-after product for interiors and exteriors, in every architectural style throughout Europe.


ABITASISTEMA® the first fully integrated system that guarantees manufactured stone veneering on external thermal insulation, takes shape. For two years now Geopietra has been developing and testing a product featuring innovative technical properties based on a new eco-friendly concept of the use of wood for external veneer: GEOARKA “the new wood”.


The excellence of corporate research materializes in MUROGEOPIETRA, a system incorporating materials and laying to create walls that are truly unique, technically advanced and with a high quality finish, and cutting-edge energy-saving building solutions for those who want to design and build efficiently without structural and technical constraints. The new Abitasistema® method is used throughout Europe on buildings with thermal insulation cladding.


The establishment of a new partnership with FASSA BORTOLO, which led to the creation of MASTROSISTEMA, another major cladding system in dry construction consisting of applying new technologies to enhance the comfort of living in full harmony with nature and the environment.


Geopietra encounters the carved lighting system OTTAGONO and begins a new collaboration with STRAL, a company belonging to the Palazzoli S.p.A. Group and specializing in the design and manufacture of stainless steel (marine grade) lighting fixtures for outdoor installation. Thanks to the new system developed by Geopietra, OTTAGONO and STIKER can be incorporated into Murogeopietra on external thermal insulation backing, without requiring screw anchors or breaking the wall, thus eliminating any problems associated with thermal bridges and offering ample freedom of design.


murogeopietra system has brilliantly passed all the tests on materials and installation procedures requested by the French public authority CSTB / Centre Scientifique et Technique du Batîment. It also obtained the Technical Evaluation (Avis Technique) and the Document Technique d’Application (TDA) by the committee (CCFAT for the use in original construction methods.

mastrosistema thought and created for the installation of murogeopietra on exterior thermal insulation Fassa Bortolo - is the first European quake proof system tested according to Eurocode 8 at the French public authority CSTB / Centre Scientifique et Technique du Batîment.

Corporate philosophy

Geopietra is a creative, dynamic enterprise, founded on solid principles, for which dedication to work is the basis for the construction of tomorrow.

Geopietra loves the earth, the strength and beauty of its colours, the myriad of natural landscapes from which it draws inspiration and the vitality that characterizes Murogeopietra.
Murogeopietra embodies the memory of the past and the passage of time; it welcomes the innovation of today and introduces future potentials.

The dry walls that express the reality and the deep sense of the land, or the more docilely moulded soft-looking walls where stone and mortar create the perfect harmony.

Geopietra looks to the future with new eyes, certain that the change we want to see in the world to come starts with our action today.


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