CREATE YOUR OWN WALL: SEEK the ambience of an era

geopietra has always created unique customised walls and is now making the geodo research and development laboratory available to customers to provide an even more effective and thorough service. Creating a customised wall with the new service in the geodo department is quick, easy and reliable. By sending photographs of the walls to be created, geodo can produce ad hoc designs with combinations of the most appropriate stone, matching grout colour and finish, and send snaps of the proposed solution. A sample panel can be made up to check the solution on site on customer request.

Once it has been approved, geopietra will arrange the design already made up in boxes ready for quick, perfect installation on site. This unique service aims to meet the special requirements of period restorations, extensions of existing designs, and walls protected by legislation governing fine arts. It is designed for customers wishing to build in harmony with the surrounding landscape, who are seeking the ambience of an era.

At the brand-new Geopietra showroom, occupying more than 1200 m2, customers can view and touch all of the models in the murogeopietra collection, installed complete with corner features and grouted to professional standards on display stands 2 m in height.



The masonry of this old house situated in the Emilian Apennine mountains was tested for a new residence with external thermal insulation. The specially designed Murogeopietra solution was installed with the endorsed Mastrosistema system.


The customer requirement was to extend an old farmstead with new constructions, in order to recreate an exclusive traditional village.


Exceptional residence built on natural terracing. The garage is the natural continuation of old containment walls in natural stone, which determined the style of the masonry for the inhabited section with external thermal insulation. The specially designed Murogeopietra solution was installed with the endorsed Mastrosistema system.


Building renovation with some parts in natural loadbearing stone. The new specially raked brickwork enabled the Murogeopietra to be at the same level as the natural stone, recreating a homogeneous wall similar to the original.

muroplus and the new SPACCO coping produced by geopietra

muroplus is geopietra’s new line, specially designed to finish murogeopietra. The main product in this new line is geocover - high-resistance, frost-proof coping where the geodo development team have encompassed all the characteristics of sophistication and authentic aesthetics so typical of the geopietra style.

The colours available with the geocover SPACCO coping have been carefully chosen to match perfectly with the many shades of murogeopietra.

New roads, new challenges, and new opportunities.

CSTB anti-seismic testing

In July 2016 geodo laboratory technicians developed and optimised materials in conjunction with engineers at Fassa Bortolo, passing the anti-seismic tests for murogeopietra and mastrosistema, in accordance with Eurocode 8 directives with flying colours, and meeting all requirements of the French government organisation CSTB (Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment).

This significant achievement has strengthened the partnership between geopietra and Fassa Bortolo, attesting once again to the high quality and reliability of our products and solutions.

Guaranteed solutions

The geodo team have created and designed the guaranteed geopietra solutions abitasistema and mastrosistema, coordinated their development, and optimised the materials in close partnership with leading companies in the industry

murogeopietra - balancing emotions

Over the years, geopietra has created and continually developed murogeopietra, considering every technical and aesthetic aspect, and this system is now the result of a perfect balance of materials and installation developed into one unique integrated system.

In the geodo laboratory the geocoll adhesive/skim coat based on natural hydraulic lime and the geoBi two-component grouting mortar have been optimised to achieve the best formulations for enhancing the performance of geopietra manufactured stone veneer. The geodo team has also studied old wall designs, researching the diversity of their composition in the detail that gives stone the charm of an era, and arouses deep-seated emotions in the observer admiring the design. This passionate research is continually developing in the mutual exchange and interaction between humankind and nature.

In July 2016, the murogeopietra system easily passed the testing on installation materials and procedures required by the French government organisation CSTB (Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment), obtaining the Technical Evaluation (Avis Technique) and the Technical Application Document (TDA) from the Board (CCFAT), constituting important recognition relating to: suitability for use in innovative construction methods, even in high-risk earthquake areas.

Consequently, geopietra also wishes to share the company’s experience and knowledge through regular professional installation courses, a wealth of documentation, and the new collection of video tutorials, where numerous tricks of the trade are revealed – because beauty and emotion can only be defined as such when they are shared.