The only guaranteed method for the installation of Murogeopietra on external wall thermal insulation cladding.

Geopietra ensures the Murogeopietra laying method on an ETAG 004-certified exterior wall thermal insulation system using EPS, rockwool and cork panels.

Murogeopietra is currently the only stone veneer that guarantees and improves the performance of thermal insulation on exterior walls, in full compliance with CasaClima requirements.

The integrated system murogeopietra consists of the manufactured stone veneer Geopietra together with the glue Geocoll and the two-component grouting mortar GEOBI.

Murogeopietra, with its procedure of installation on exterior thermal insulation made of EPS (Fassa Bortolo), has brilliantly passed the quake proof test Eurocode 8 made at the French public authority CSTB/ Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment.



laboratory tests

Climatic chamber

Firmly convinced of the possibility of creating a stone veneer on an insulation coating, we were mainly concerned about the occurrence of any collapse over time and, no less important, a deterioration of the thermal properties of the insulation. Laboratory test results have led us to modify the ingredients of Murogeopietra several times until we obtained a perfect balance.

2010 - Austria IBS Institut
Fire test

Great importance was given to safety at the design stage. In Europe there are specific regulations governing escape routes in case of fire. In the case in point, our Murogeopietra cladding system coupled with the EPS insulation coating, which is notoriously sensitive to fire, was not supposed to collapse and obstruct the escape routes during evacuation of the building, which was established in 30 minutes under the action of a flame hitting the escape route directly at 900°C. The test was successful and the insulation did not collapse at all thanks to the stone veneer’s high thermal inertia, which protected it for the entire time required.

2014 - Accelerated Ageing on exterior
thermal insulation.

We were greatly concerned about the possible presence of water in the structure due to external weathering or the passage of vapour and its disposal. A test performed at Milan Polytechnic confirmed the validity of the system and the corrections made to the ingredients used. At the same time, we tested the same insulation cladding coated with cut natural stone, and we found that it was impossible to use it, just as we had supposed. The non-modifiable technical values, such as permeability to vapour and weight, significantly affect the efficiency of insulation.

July, 4th 2016 - CSTB
SBI - Determining material’s fire and smoke

Herewith we report soma data regarding the fire test made on wall covering murogeopietra installed on 160 mm external thermal EPS insulation; this test confirms murogeopietra as a not flammable material and attests a complete lack of toxic smoke development.
This means that murogeopietra protects the undelying insulation against heat , so that sublimation is avoided during the time necessary for evacuation.

July, 4th 2016 - CSTB
Quake proof Test Eurocode 8

The procedure murogeopietra and mastrosistema on Fassa Bortolo insulation system has brilliantly passed the 8 phases of seismic stress required by the French public authority CSTB/ Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment.


exclusive technical

main benefits of 
murogeopietra laid
on external
thermal insulation
and ventilated walls.

thermal resistance

the high thermal inertia of the Murogeopietra veneer acts as a shield against surface thermal shocks. Temperature variations (even sudden in certain circumstances) do not directly hit the insulation layer but they are dampened by the protective outer cladding.

increased thermal lag

Thanks to the excellent mass-to-thermal conductivity ratio, Murogeopietra enhances insulation and extends the thermal lag of the building structure, thus increasing cooling performance in the summer months.

fire resistance

The thermal inertia values of the Murogeopietra veneer make the insulation cladding resistant to fire for longer, thus benefitting the evacuation of the building during a fire.

wind load resistance

murogeopietra, combined with the Georete mesh substrate and the safety screw anchoring system, helps reduce problems due to high wind load.

enhanced surface performance

Murogeopietra protects the surface of the insulation layer against any dents.

improved sound performance

The asymmetric surface and high mass of Murogeopietra creates a barrier against sound waves and attenuates their propagation.