Geocover the time emotion roof

That great murogeopietra versatility makes it possible for any architect to customise roof finishing, based on an architectural design with: sheeting, old tiles, bricks, stone slabs or chips. Geopietra is now offering a new roof finish specifically designed and optimised in its colours: geocover.


geocover is the first product of the new muroplus line: innovative roofs designed and produced in the new internal geopietra section: geodoGeocover gives us that typical, geopietra style elegance and aesthetic credibility. Natural stone slits and finish are reproduced perfectly.


The Spacco model, presented here, gets its name from the typical edge chiselling process, while the surface has a natural finish. Its mixture includes selected rock granulates with added high resistance cement, reinforced with glass fibres.


The four colours produced were created to blend perfectly with the vast range of murogeopietra shades. Like murogeopietra, Spacco roofs draw beauty and emotion from time gone by.