BAU and Geopietra: outstanding results

BAU continues to achieve new and important accomplishments, cementing its position as the main point of reference within the construction sector.

For the first time ever, 80,000 of the 250,000 visitors at BAU 2017 came from aboard. BAU, the Architecture, Materials and Systems Trade Fair, subsequently recorded further international growth (2015: 72,000 foreign visitors).
BAU visitors hailing from neighbouring countries Austria (11,520), Switzerland (5,243) and Italy (5,013) were once again the most numerous. The growing importance of BAU, both inside and outside of Europe, is demonstrated by the list of countries with the most significant growth rates, such as South Korea (1,301 visitors / +42%), the United States (792 visitors / +40%) and India (803 / +59%).
The Geopietra stand was also a great success, with the company being able to focus on the excellence of its products from an aesthetic, technical and innovative point of view like never before.
The many guests admired the suggestive selection of reconstructed stone and brick wall coverings on offer, proposed in both minimalist and modern and more rustic and traditional styles.
Geopietra has once again confirmed its role as a leading company and pioneer within the sector, inspiring new trends from “vintage” walls, presenting plays of grout, stone and brick (such as the stand’s feature wall) to walls with a strong character where stone takes centre stage. 
Much interest was also shown in the significant results achieved by Murogeopietra and its applications for use with outdoor thermal insulation. After having successfully passed the material and installation procedure tests required by the French public institution CSTB (Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment), it has been declared suitable for use with innovative construction methods, once again one of the most sensitive issues discussed at BAU 2017.