Exclusive customer assistance

Design office

The Geopietra design office provides hotline technical support for finding the best solution in terms of functionality and aesthetic appearance.

Please feel free to call our design office to arrange for a visit at our showroom or obtain information on our nearest dealer for assistance.

Opening hours 8-12am - 1.30-5.30pm

Creating your Murogeopietra

Each stone wall is unique, and the designer or the client can create and personalize it to his taste or need, by selecting his own Murogeopietra from the vast range of proposals offered by the Geopietra integrated system.​

Customised walls for specific projects are produced every day as the result of close collaboration between the design office and designers and clients, who send photos of typical or old walls and ask our technicians to recreate their unique and natural characteristics.

After careful examination of the variegated Italian and European architectural styles, Geopietra has created its own collection with the utmost care. Patterns and colours blend beautifully and are skilfully harmonized with the colours of GeoBi finish mortars. Geopietra offers the genuine emotion of masonry going beyond the limits of laying natural stone.

This video shows some old buildings made using natural bearing stone juxtaposed with new efficient architectures made with Murogeopietra. There’s really no distinction in terms of the aesthetic and sensorial result – efficiency and functionality are encapsuled in Murogeopietra.a.

Design advice

Murogeopietra is not simply the result of a superposition of elements, but the outcome of the synergy of work and dedicated materials which, jointly with manufactured stone veneer, give way to an integrated well-proven system.​

Designing Murogeopietra means conceiving the wall in its entirety – from the accurate choice of patterns, colour and type of installation to the type of mortar. Each Geopietra pattern is unique in terms of performance, suitability to specific construction styles and finish. 

Our involvement from the very first stage of the project is a guarantee of an efficient, cost-effective solution to the benefit of all interested parties.

Visit to our showroom by appointment

Murogeopietra is a surprising mouldable material. It comes in 6 different laying profiles, 42 stone patterns and 110 colours. Each pattern is available in linear and angle elements obtained from moulds, all different from each other. Each pattern comes in a series of different individual elements of a varying size and with an average thickness of 4cm. The collection also includes Terrakotta cladding bricks, 4 reconstructed terracotta patterns and 14 natural terracotta patterns, which can be freely matched to create countless variants and combinations.​

You can view and touch first-hand the entire collection in the 1.200 m² showroom at our headquarters in Muscoline. Here, the different Geopietra manufactured stone veneer profiles and textures will become an educational and exciting experience.

Visits by appointment: (+39) 0365 331437 – Design office​

Training courses

Geopietra organizes annual training sessions for fitters and designers, theoretical and practical courses dedicated to learning about our products and the laying of Murogeopietra.

Installation manual

Two decades’ experience in building construction, technological research and the wealth of knowledge acquired by Geopietra are now made available, collected and updated in the installation manual for laying Geopietra manufactured stone veneer.

Useful data, guidelines for use, practical tips and mistakes to be avoided, which are contained in the Installation Manual, reflect our current knowledge and skills and are the most comprehensive guide for the correct and safe installation of Murogeopietra.

Geopietra product warranties will be null and void if all the installation instructions are not followed or the products in the Geocoll and GeoBi system are not used for laying and finishing.

Building site assistance

We provide customer assistance either remotely or at the building site throughout Italy and Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands, where we have set up a network of skilled area sales agents.

We offer technical inspections to evaluate complex interventions, guided tours to building yards of particular interest, pre- and post-sales service, on-site supervision at the start of works.

Installation teams

The use of stone today as a purely aesthetic and no-longer bearing element of a building entails the knowledge and compliance with construction principles that were the basis of the use of this material. The feelings and emotions aroused by the finished work are mainly due to the laying technique and how the stones are fitted together – state-of-the-art laying is therefore of vital importance for a successful rendering of Murogeopietra.​

Geopietra believes in a new kind of evolved fitter, one who possesses the skills and passion required to add value to Murogeopietra by carrying out masonry work that is at once fascinating, creative and efficient.

Geopietra collaborates with teams of fitters who take part each year in our training courses and specialize in the laying of masonry works featuring the utmost natural effect in renovation works and new constructions as well, in compliance with the applicable building regulations.​